Awnings are cost effective and help cool your home on the hottest of summer days, they suite all styles of homes from traditional to modern.

  • Fully up the awning is concealed in the specially designed metal hood.
  • Fully down the awning offers maximum protection from the harsh summer sun.
  • Easy to use Control Rod / Pull Stick provided with every awning.
  • Excellent at reducing heat levels and increasing your homes energy efficiency.
  • Variable arms lengths to keep awning closer to or further away from the wall.
  • Available in full block-out, light filtering and weave fabrics.
  • Fixed guide system offers a variety of settings, which enable off ground installation operated by pulley, crank handle or motorisation.

Pivot Arm Awning

Pivot Arm Awnings are perfect for the larger window and are easy to use. They are designed to withstand high winds and adverse weather, making them perfect for most windows.

    • Fitted externally around window frame and consists of fabric attached to a frame with arms that pivot half way down the window.
    • Highly versatile and suitable for windows that face any direction.
    • When partially extended it provides protection from overhead sun whilst still allowing a view outside.

When fully extended it covers the entire window providing protection from low angle sun.

  • Manual operation via crank gearbox or fully motorised.


Spring Awnings

Spring Awnings are great for those with a budget in mind. They are extremely versatile making them great for tricky areas and they are brilliant for between veranda posts.

  • Fully up the awning is concealed in the specially designed metal hood.
  • Ease of operation via Control Rod / Pull Stick.
  • Versatile attachments for Base Rail can be custom fitted to suit every application.
  • Awning can have multiple fixing heights.
  • Internal Axle Spring maintains necessary tension in fabric, keeping it taut
  • Available in full block-out, light filtering or weave fabrics.
  • Extremely good at stopping heat and increasing your homes energy efficiency.

Care & Maintenance of your fabrics