Verosol Blinds

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Shades of Australia is an accredited Verosol Specialist Dealer, demonstrating the highest level of product knowledge and customer service in Verosol Blinds and Shutters.

Verosol window furnishings are designed to not only look good in your home but to also reduce the heat and glare while maintaining your view.  The Silverscreen product with metallised fabrics reflect up to 85% of heat so they are the perfect solution for North, West, East and even the south facing windows of your home. By significantly reducing glare, Silverscreen performance fabrics allow you to maintain your views, allow natural light to still enter your home, adding to the comfort of your rooms while allowing you to still watch TV or work on your computer without needing a blockout blind or use artificial lights.

Comfort of a home is incredibly important and reducing energy bills is also high on everyone’s list. Using Verosol’s Silverscreen performance fabric in your windows to reflect the heat means you won’t have to spend as much on your air conditioning to keep your home cool. Performance metallised fabrics play an important role in insulating your home in winter, heat is lost through glass, so the metallised fabrics retain the heat inside while still allowing you to keep the natural light and not having to pull blockout fabrics or drapes.

Verosol is committed to reducing greenhouse gases and helping us use less power by using Performance based fabrics on the weakest points of our homes, the glazing.  Green planet consideration is a priority for Verosol at a time when global warming is in the hearts and minds of governments, businesses, and individuals a like.

All Verosol products are manufactured in Australia for over 60 years using premium European fabrics.